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Let’s talk about this story I’m never going to make just indulge me here

First picture is a lineup of the character’s silhouettes. Gabby and Mossy Coat are both monster people, and technically the same species, it’s just that Gabby is monster sized.

Earlier designs of Mossy Back. Then I decided to make her a monster. Whatever, I do what I want. 

MOSSY COAT’S POWERS; She can shape shift. It’s really easy for her to just stretch and squash her original form, but she can also completely change herself into an animal or something, but she gets tired very quickly. And the larger the transformation, the more energy it takes to hold it. She can potentially change herself into anything, but she gets tired too quickly.

She can also teleport. Sort of. She can only teleport back to her secret thief hideout, so that means it can only be used to escape, and it’s no good if anyone found out about her secret hideout. She is a wanted criminal, after all!

Next is Gabby’s house/workshop/labratory! She lives in an old abandoned tower in a city called SeenItSeenIt. She lives there alone building robots every day, and only leaves to get food and more robot supplies. And she always wears a disguise! She HATES people, LOVES robots, and it quite content with her little set up.

So the story would follow Gabby and Mossy Coat. Mossy Coat is eluding Draugr, and decides an old abandoned tower in SeenItSeenIt would be the perfect place to hide. But Draugr finds her, and they start destroying Gabby’s home fighting each other. When Gabby enters the fray to try and protect her home, Mossy Coat accidentally teleports them both back to the secret thieves hideout. Gabby forces Mossy Coat to bring her home, but gets pegged as a wanted criminal! So it follows them trying to elude bounty hunters and get back to SeenItSeenIt. It would be a hateful, spite-fueled adventure!



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