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I’ve been feeling really crummy, so I’m gonna doodle comics where me and my friends fight monsters.

Well, this one is just me.

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I’m open for commissions again!!

Me and me ol’ buddy Sodakick are producing a pilot for a terrible, terrible cartoon show and now I am selling commissions. That is the whole story. If you want drawrings, come to me because I’m a professional!!!!

DND/Pathfinder Tabletop Standies-

You want your campaign to look really pretty with minimal effort? Look no further! These are a lot of fun to play with, me and my group have them. They’re 30$ for simple ones, the price might go up with more complex designs. If you don’t already have a reference of your character, I can do one of those neat blue design sheets for an extra $10. Like all commissions you get 2 revisions, and then you’ll have to chip in a little more for me to change it further.

The special deal on monsters you ask? So you and your group want to get some little standies? If you buy 4 or more of them, I’ll also make you up a quick little encounter (4-6 creatures, maybe 1 boss). You tell me what you want, and then I just have fun with it. After all, they’re freeeee******!!

100 Character Commission challenge!!

I’m still doing this! You can see the project so far right over here! These are fun to do and fun to look at, so get one. Or two. Or the rest of them, if you REALLY want. Aheeheheh. Heh.

Even More Stuff

I’m also open for my regular commissions, which can be seen below the cut. Also all the additional commission and contact info is down there too! Fun!!(??)

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Humblr on the tumblr

SO I’m still open for commissions, but I just wanna say THANKS! Commission money has paid for our first main rig (Made by my CREATIVE PARTNER Sodakick) and it’s looking FABULOUS so far.

Thanks so much for all the support! With your help, we’re gonna make something really fun!!